Invisible Shield Glass & Shower Protection Kit (3 items)

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The products you need to end squeegeeing on your shower glass. This kit includes 3 products to clean, treat and maintain your shower enclosure and other surfaces. Use Invsible Shield Limscale Remover to eliminate light scale and soap scum. Treat your glass and surfaces with Invisible Shield Protective Coating to prevent future hard water deposits and build-up. Maintain treated surfaces with ease using the ultimate Glass & Surface Cleaner. These products will leave your shower glass and other surface sparkling clean and streak free. Shower glass never looked so good, the Invisible Shield prevents unsightly spotting and keeps showers in pristine condition for years to come. Use these products on all glass, porcelain and ceramics surfaces. Good for use in showers, tubs, sinks, countertops, tile, and more. Includes: 1 Invisible Shield Protective Coating, 1 Invisible Shield Glass/Surface Cleaner and 1 Invisble Shield Limescale Remover.Invisible Shield Glass & Shower Protection Kit (3 items)